The youngest billionaire in the world? 9-year-old boy owns villas and travels by private jet (2023)

Muhammed Awal Mustapha, also known as Mompha Junior, is the son of billionaire Nigerian internet celebrity Ismailia Mustapha, who calls herself Mompha Senior.


28 January 2022/ 16:19 CST

The youngest billionaire in the world? 9-year-old boy owns villas and travels by private jet (1)

Muhammed Awal Mustapha, known as Mompha junior, also owns a fleet of luxury cars. (Photo posted on Instagram by Muhammed Awal Mustapha)

A nine-year-old African boy is reportedly the world's youngest billionaire to travel the world in his private jet and own multiple mansions. Mompha Junior from Lagos, Nigeria, became the owner of his first villa when he was just six years old. He has a whole fleet of supercars. However, he is too young to drive them and not tall enough to reach the car's pedals.

Junior Mompha's real name is Muhammed Awal Mustapha. he is a babyman of influence“ with around 27,000 followers on hisInstagramProfile. She regularly posts on Instagram, showcasing her lavish lifestyle to her followers. Share photos and videos of havingLuxMeals and cruise in a private jet. He has many cars including one.Ferrari, parked in front of one of his luxurious houses.

Muhammed is the son of a Nigerian internet billionairecelebrityIsmailia Mustapha, who happens to be called Mompha Senior,Solreports. Mompha Senior travels back and forth between her homes in Lagos and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He regularly shares photos of his lavish lifestyle on Instagram with over a million followers. One of her Mompha Senior Instagram posts features Mompha Junior and her little sister Fatima dressed head-to-toe in Versace branding. He called them "dear children".

Millionaire Mompha Senior bought Mompha Junior his first mansion on his sixth birthday in 2019. He urged his followers to respect his son as a nine-year-old who has "completely paid off his debts".

Mompha Senior reportedly made money from an exchange business in Lagos before turning to investing.

Now Momha junior is among the rich kids in Nigeria flaunting their private jets and jewelry on Instagram. People often flood the comments sections with congratulations and dreams of becoming just like him.


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