Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs. GTX 1660 Super vs. GTX 1660 | digital trends (2023)

although something likeNVIDIA RTX 3080It's really impressive, it's not the right graphics card for every gamer. The GTX 16 series cards offer solid performance at a much lower price point, which is great for gamers who play at 1080p or are interested in esports titles, especially now that they enjoy it.FSR support, Aside from that. The GTX 1660 is the top-of-the-line model, but several variants are available. Which one should you choose between the GTX 1660 Super, GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1660?


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  • Performance
  • Rayplot, Reshade, NULL
  • The 1660 and 1660 Ti look super redundant

We play all three cards in the ring to see how they fare. There are many differences between these cards, some important and some minor. One thing is certain: not everyone is the same.

If you want to consider other GPUs, check out our guidebest graphics cardswhatever your budget is. This might be a good idea if you're lookingbuild a computernow that stock shortages have pushed many Nvidia 16-series cards off the shelves.

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Prices and Availability

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs. GTX 1660 Super vs. GTX 1660 | digital trends (1)

The Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti was the first of Nvidia's GTX 16 series, an entry-level alternative to its RTX line of graphics and a replacement for the more modest GTX 10 series cards with rich feature sets of RTX cards, but it was based on the same 12nm -Turing architecture. It debuted on February 22, 2019, and shortly after, on March 14, came the GTX 1660, a card with fewer CUDA cores and slower memory.

The Nvidia GTX 1660 Super was released on October 29, 2019 and is said to be somewhere between the two existing 1660 cards in price and performance.

All three tickets are sold out in stores thanks to ContinuesEscape the GPU🇧🇷 There are a few ways to get a card around the MSRP, including EVGA's queuing system and the Newegg Shuffle. However, neither of these programs have options for any 1660 model. If you're deciding on a 1660 variant, your best bet is to call local retailers like Micro Center and Best Buy, or pay at the thrift store.

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The EVGA and Newegg Shuffle queuing system may not have 1660 models, but they do have the much more powerful onesRTX 30 series graphics cards🇧🇷 If you're lucky, you can get an RTX 3060 through one of these programs for less than the used price of a 1660, and the 3060 will do much better.


Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs. GTX 1660 Super vs. GTX 1660 | digital trends (2)

The GTX 1660 cards don't differ much in terms of performance, but some offer better value for money than others.

gtx1660GTX 1660 SuperGTX 1660 Ti
graphic cardTU116-300TU116-300TU116-400
CUDA colors1.4081.4081.536
basic clock1,530 MHz1,530 MHz1500 MHz
wristwatch1,785MHz1,785MHz1,770 MHz
memory speed8 Gbit/s14 Gbit/s12 Gbit/s

When the GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti launched in early 2019, the obvious differences between them were the 9% difference in CUDA cores and the Ti's significantly faster memory. The GTX 1660 Super, on the other hand, is less of a gap-closing GPU, but rather an alternative to the 1660 Ti. It has a slightly higher TDP, a slightly higher clock speed and faster memory. It has the same number of GPU and CUDA cores as the standard 1660, putting it slightly below the 1660 Ti in terms of raw power, but it's a close race.

In practice, this results in an oddly stacked array of graphics cards. The GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti are clearly defined as the top and bottom of this trio of cards, but the GTX 1660 Super is slightly weaker than the 1660 Ti. In some tests, we saw performance that was only 2% worse. That's an almost negligible difference and certainly problematic for the Ti, given that there's almost a $50 difference between them, which is dramatic at this price point.

(Video) REICHEN 6GB VRAM HEUTE ÜBERHAUPT noch aus?! | 1440p Gaming mit der GTX 1660 Gaming X

Of course it depends on the game. At 1080p especially the 1660 Superit fires on your Ti and regular variantsnoResident Evil 2.However, the Ti version swaps places with the Super inSombra tun Tomb Raider,and the two are almost identical inBattlefield VThe only constant between games is the regular GTX 1660. It outperforms the Super and Ti variants, albeit marginally.

The different factory-cooled and overclocked versions of each card can even things out on a price scale, but the GTX 1660 Super eats up the 1660 Ti market significantly, giving it little room to breathe.

Rayplot, Reshade, NULL

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs. GTX 1660 Super vs. GTX 1660 | digital trends (3)

One of the biggest differences between Nvidia's GTX and its RTX graphics cards is that the latter has both RT cores and Tensor coresRaytracingjDeep-Learning-SupersamplingAcceleration. GTX graphics cards, including the 16-series, can do ray tracing calculations, but without high overall processing power (like a 3080 Ti, for example), they're practically non-reproducible. The GTX 1660 Super is no better than the GTX 1070, which is pretty bad.

DLSS (Deep-Learning-Super-Sampling)It's also out of the question with these cards since they don't have the Tensor cores to support it. However, what they can do is take advantage of Nvidia's other features at the driver level. All three GTX 1660 support Nvidia's ultra-low latency (ZERO) technology for faster in-game response in competitive gaming. You can also take advantage of all the post-processing effects introduced with Nvidia's Reshade support.

New GeForce gaming features: ReShade, low latency and image sharpening

(Video) GeForce GTX 960 vs. GTX 1660: Putting Nvidia's 113% Claim to the Test!

Reshade is not new- Gamers have enjoyed its impact on AMD and Nvidia GPUs for years, but it's now officially supported and integrated through Nvidia's control panel. All three from the 1660s fully support this. But given the slight performance hit from some processing effects and filters, the 1660 Ti should be better equipped to deal with it. However, we doubt the Super will be far behind.

The 1660 and 1660 Ti look super redundant

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti vs. GTX 1660 Super vs. GTX 1660 | digital trends (4)

Nvidia has made an intriguing move with the launch of the GTX 1660 Super. It's an excellent card that offers significantly improved performance over the GTX 1660 for around the same price. That means we'll almost always choose the Super over the standard 1660. But what about you?

If you were to line up all three 1660s side-by-side, the 1660 Ti would prove to be the most capable option available, but only marginally. If you understand the ins and outs of game and computer production, you can quickly close this small gap by simply running your CPU at a higher clock speed.

(Video) GTX 1650 vs GTX 1660 Ti - Gaming Laptop Comparison

Finally, we recommend Super for gamers, although Ti performs slightly better in some titles. With that in mind, it's hard for us to recommend a card at this time, as no retailer currently stocks any of these three cards. It might be better to try to track down a 3060 Ti or wait for the newer 3060 to come out. (However, we always recommend waiting for third-party benchmarks.)

At the moment, the current line of cards is all AMD can offer, as no other card can match these products in price and quality. ORX6800 and 6800XTThey're impressive cards, though, so we expect AMD to release cheaper cards based on the same architecture sometime in 2021.

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What is better GTX 1660 or GTX 1660 Ti? ›

Early benchmarks show that the GTX 1660 has about a 20% lower effective speed than the 1660 Ti, but with an entry price of $219 USD, the 1660 is also about 20% cheaper. Further, the 1660 has a 12% effective speed advantage over the ~$230 USD 6GB 1060 and a similar real world effective speed to AMD's $265 USD RX 590.

How much faster is a 1660 TI than 1660 Super? ›

Core clock speed of GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER is 30 MHz higher, than GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.

Is a TI better than a super? ›

The GTX 1660, GTX 1660 SUPER, and the GTX 1660 Ti. The Ti-Variant is the fastest of the three, followed by the SUPER which – although slower- is often superior value. The RTX 2080, RTX 2080 SUPER, and RTX 2080 Ti too, follow the same performance structure.

Which version of 1660 is best? ›

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super Gaming OC

The Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1660 Super is our main performance pick. It offers the best cooling and the best factory overclock. If all you care about is raw performance, this is the GTX 1660 Super for you.

What is a 1660 TI equivalent to? ›

The Nvidia RTX 3050 and GTX 1660 Ti offer very similar 1080p performance. As we noted in our review, without ray tracing and DLSS, the RTX 3050 isn't much more powerful than the GTX 1660 Ti.

Is GTX 1660 Ti and super the same? ›

Basically, the main difference between the Gtx 1660 and the Gtx 1660 Super is the type of memory, going from Gddr5 to Gddr6. With the increase in speed, higher bandwidth is made possible: GTX 1660 = 192 Gb/s, GTX 1660 TI = 288 Gb/s, GTX 1660 Super = 336 Gb/s.

Is 1660 Super considered high end? ›

GTX 1660 Super is not a high end card rather it is a mid-range card and it can easily run major titles at 1080p Ultra setting from anywhere to 60–120 FPS. Depending upon the game obviously . You can also game in 1440p easily.

Is a GTX 1660 Ti good for gaming? ›

Altogether, the goodness presented above forms the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, a perfect GPU for gamers wanting high framerates, amazing software support and detail levels at 1920x1080, the resolution of choice for over 60% of Steam users.

Is ti more powerful than super? ›

2080 Super is a GP104 core with all its cores enabled (3072 CUDA, 384 Tensor, 48 RT), 2080ti uses the GP102 core also found in Titan RTX, but with some cores cut (4532 CUDA, 544 Tensor, 68 RT). 2080ti is still bigger, faster, and more expensive.

What GPU is better than 1660 Super? ›

The price difference between factory overclocked items and the 1660 Super is too close to make them worth it. Overall, the RTX 2060 is the best buy of the three because of its impressive performance capabilities.

Is 1660 Ti worth it in 2022? ›

Bottom Line: The GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X 6G is a great moderate-cost GPU option for gamers in search of high refresh rates in 1080p, especially in lower-impact esports games...and with no price-pumping frills like ray-tracing. (We tested an MSI Gaming X version.)

Should i buy GTX 1660 Super in 2022? ›

If you don't necessarily care about ray-tracing or DLSS, then we think the GTX 1660 Super is still worth considering in 2022. It's not the most powerful GPU out there, but it's certainly capable of handling games at 1080p without a hitch.

What is better a 1660 or a 1660 super? ›

GTX 1660 vs 1660 Super: Conclusion

Overall, then, both cards offer pretty much identical performance across the board. Both excel at playing games on High quality settings at 1080p, and both are best at handling a mix of Medium to High graphics settings at 1440p.

Is a 1070 better than a 1660ti? ›

GTX 1660 Ti versus GTX 1070: The verdict

In the benchmarks above, though, overall the GTX 1660 Ti is the winner. It's as fast or faster than the GTX 1070 in the majority of tests, plus this highly efficient card is often more compact, quieter and more power efficient too.

Is the GTX 1660 Super good for gaming? ›

The GeForce GTX 1660 Super is a great graphics card for gamers who want to play the latest games at high quality with detail settings turned up. The GeForce GTX 1660 Super is also an excellent choice for photo and video editors who need a powerful, yet quiet graphics card for their workstation.

Which one is better GTX 1660 Ti or RTX 2060? ›

The RTX 2060 is the better GPU. Not only are the aftermarket cards of higher quality with better cooling solutions, but you're also getting faster memory, more CUDA cores, and better overall performance. Add on top of all this support for ray tracing and NVIDIA's DLSS and you've got quite the GPU.

Is 1660 Super worth buying? ›

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super is a fantastic card for budget gamers. It builds on the GeForce GTX 1660 to take the power up a notch, yet, it offers that boost in performance while still staying in the budget range for graphics card that makes a card like this so attractive.

What is the lifespan of a 1660 super? ›

10 years long lifetime under full load.

Is GTX 1660 Super 4K? ›

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER, 4K (2160p) and 8K (4320p) PC Gaming - Best Buy.

Is GTX 1660 Ti the best? ›

The MSI Gaming X GTX 1660 Ti GPU is definitely the best performing option present in this list even if you don't overclock it. This is made possible thanks to the fact that this MSI graphics card offers a total of 1536 CUDA cores that are able to run at a best in boost clock speed of up to 1875 MHz.

What is the GTX 1660 Ti equivalent to? ›

Beyond the specs above, the most obvious difference that anyone will notice on the face of these two cards is in the prefixes "GTX" versus "RTX." The GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is based off the same basic "Turing" architecture as the GeForce RTX 2060, albeit with a different core graphics processor, the TU116.

Whats better 1660 or 1650 TI? ›

On the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited benchmark, the GTX 1660 Ti scored 170,781, which is only slightly ahead of the GTX 1650, which reached 167,059 (2.2% increase in performance). The GTX 1660 Ti made more headway on the 3DMark Fire Strike test, hitting 11,584 over the GTX 1650's 8,397 (38% increase in performance).

Is a 1660 TI good enough? ›

Altogether, the goodness presented above forms the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, a perfect GPU for gamers wanting high framerates, amazing software support and detail levels at 1920x1080, the resolution of choice for over 60% of Steam users.

Is GTX 1660 still good in 2022? ›

If you don't necessarily care about ray-tracing or DLSS, then we think the GTX 1660 Super is still worth considering in 2022. It's not the most powerful GPU out there, but it's certainly capable of handling games at 1080p without a hitch.

How long will GTX 1660 Ti last? ›

10 years long lifetime under full load.

What is better than 1660 Super? ›

The average gaming FPS of GeForce RTX 2060 in Fortnite is 6% more, than GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER. The average gaming FPS of GeForce RTX 2060 in Forza Horizon 4 is 7% more, than GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER.

What does TI stand for on graphics cards? ›

Ti is a designation that is specific to the Nvidia brand of GPUs and is essentially short for “Titanium.” When used in a Nvidia GPU product name, the Ti label is part of Nvidia's naming scheme for its GPUs and is used to indicate that a given graphics card is an upgraded or better performing model than its regular, or ...

Which is better RTX 2060 or GTX 1660 Ti? ›

The RTX 2060 comes out as the fastest card, with additional CUDA cores and swifter memory. Both cards easily carry 60 frames per second up to Ultra quality settings with most conventional games. This is impressive for the GTX 1660 Ti because it rises above the previous GTX 1070 in this regard.

Which is better GTX 1650 or 1660 Super? ›

Is GTX 1660 Super worth that extra money over the GTX 1650 Super? Jumping over to the results, the GTX 1660 Super is anywhere from 15 to 30%, in some cases even 40 or 50% faster, but if you average that in, it delivers around 20% more performance.

CAN 1660 TI run 120 fps? ›

Nvidia says it has a power envelope of 120 watts, giving the GTX 1660 Ti “the best performance per watt of any GPU in its class,” according to the company. Nvidia is backing up that claim with promises of smooth 120 fps gameplay at 1080p in popular battle royale titles like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends.

Can a 1660ti run 4K? ›

GTX 1660 Ti is not powerful enough for 4K

The GTX 1660 Ti may have some of the features found in newer RTX cards, but it's still in between the GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 in terms of raw performance, making it unsuitable for 4K gaming.

How old is GTX 1660 Ti? ›

Products. The GeForce 16 series launched on February 23, 2019, with the announcement of the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. The cards have a PCIe 3.0 x16 interface, which connects them to the CPU, produced with TSMC's 12 nm FinFET process.


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