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If you're looking for a soft surface to sleep on that will give you the right cushioning and supportive balance, both memory foam mattresses and pillow-top mattresses can be great options. Both beds look similar, but the support structure of a memory foam mattress is often different than a mattress.

While high-density polyfoam forms the backing layer of a memory foam mattress, pillow-top mattresses often have inner coils as their support structure. The extra layer of padding sewn on top adds softness and makes the bed more comfortable. Pillow toppers are typically found in traditional inner beds, as they soften the stiffness of the steel coil layer underneath, resulting in greater comfort.

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Was it viscoelastic?

Temperature and pressure sensitive memory foam softens in response to body heat, resulting in its body contouring capabilities.memory foam mattressesAdapt to your body, which leads to an even distribution of weight on the lying surface and relieves pressure points.

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The malleability of memory foam makes it ideal for spinal alignment, especially for back and side sleepers. Memory foam conforms to the natural curvature of the spine, resulting in better lumbar support, a great option for those with back pain.

Types of viscoelastic memory

Memory foam has evolved over time, resulting in new generations of foam that can combat heat retention, the common complaint of traditional memory foam.

vegetable viscoelastic

By replacing some of the petroleum with natural vegetable oils, the mattress stays fresher. Replacing a synthetic element with something more natural increases the freshness of the bed.

viscoelastic foam gel

Adding cooling gel or gel beads to memory foam improves the coolness of the mattress because the gel beads are made of "Phase Change Material" or "PCM" which absorbs heat and helps the bed stay cool.

Other coolant additives

Good heat conductors like graphite and copper added to memory foam direct heat away from its source, helping you sleep soundly.

Benefits of viscoelastic foam

  • The anatomically correct structure guarantees pressure relief.
  • Back and joint pain relief
  • Continuo

Disadvantages of memory foam

  • Traditional memory foam can retain heat.
  • Some memory foam mattresses can give off gas odors, the strong chemical smell of a new product.

The best memory foam mattresses Amerisleep

Quick Guide: A 30 Second Summary

The best memory foam mattress overallAmerisschlaf AS3
best soft memory foam mattressAmerisschlaf AS5
The best firm memory foam mattressAmerisschlaf AS2

At Amerisleep we offerViscoelastic mattresses in five degrees of firmnessto ensure that each is suitable for a specific type of sleeper. Our softer models are good for side sleepers, while our firmer models provide the support needed by stomach and back sleepers.

The best memory foam mattress overallAmerisschlaf AS3

outstanding aspects of the mattress

  • The soft, breathable cover minimizes moisture retention.
  • Five ergonomic support zones improve comfort.
  • Eco-friendly memory foam, more durable than average

recommended for

  • Most sleep styles and body types
  • Hot dishes
  • couples

The AS3 mattress is made up of three layers of foam, all wrapped in a soft and breathable fabric cover:

  • 3-inch Bio-Pur® foam
  • 2-inch Affinity foam with HIVE® technology
  • 7-inch Bio-Core® foam

OPlant-Based Bio-Pur® FoamIt's our unique take on the standard memory foam formula. Although traditional memory foam is completely synthetic, we have replaced some ingredients with vegetable oils. Our proprietary recipe creates foam that is more responsive and breathable than regular memory foam.

Like all Amerisleep mattresses, the AS3 is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

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buying now

best soft memory foam mattressAmerisschlaf AS5

  • price range

    1649 $ a 3398 $

  • mattress type

    memory foam

  • fortaleza

    3 out of 10 (mild)

  • Availability

    All sizes

  • Guarantee

    20 years

  • thickness

    14 inches

outstanding aspects of the mattress

  • Herbal pressure relief pillow for comfort.
  • Responsive Active Flex layer deepens padding
  • Stable transition and foam base for stability.

recommended for

  • side rails
  • small individuals
  • people with joint pain

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The best firm memory foam mattressAmerisschlaf AS2

  • price range

    US$ 949 a US$ 1.998

  • mattress type

    memory foam

  • fortaleza

    7 out of 10 (average firmness)

  • Availability

    All sizes

  • Guarantee

    20 years

  • thickness

    12 inches

The medium-firm feel of the AS2 mattress prevents the bed from feeling stiff and inflexible, while still providing the firm support enjoyed by back and stomach sleepers.

outstanding aspects of the mattress

recommended for

As a note, the mattresses have AS2, AS3 and AS5hybrid counterpartsFor sleepers who prefer the feel of a box spring. A hybrid mattress can be a good option for sleepers who want a bed that is like a pillow-top mattress but minimizes the drawbacks of one. For example, the windings around the coils of a hybrid limit the motion transfer that is common in pillow top mattresses.

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buying now

What is the top of the pillow?

A pillowcase is an extra layer of padding sewn into the mattress to increase its softness. The top layer of the pillow is made from materials such as cotton, wool, down, fiber fill, memory foam, or latex foam. These materials promote softness while reducing bounce and firmness from the coil layer or innerspring support layer below.

types of pillows

Pillow top has a small variation known as euro top. As the name suggests, the European style originated in Europe and is more common there. Both act as a comfort layer to relieve pressure points.

plain pillow

A regular pillow is sewn into the mattress with a noticeable gap above the comfort layer, giving the impression of additional padding.

euro pillow case

With a Euro-Top, the extra layer of padding is sewn under the mattress cover, making it more level and even; there are no gaps, resulting in better edge support. European top layers are made of foam or fiberfill that feel thicker and more dense than a regular pillow.

Benefits of a pillow top

  • The coil layer promotes airflow and makes the mattress breathable.
  • comparatively cheaper
  • Less chance of outgassing

Disadvantages of a pillow top

  • It is not as durable as others.types of mattresses
  • May cause motion transmission leading to interrupted sleep

Difference between memory foam and pillow top

A pillow-top mattress may contain memory foam, giving both beds a similar feel, but the difference in the other layers makes them stand out: the rebound from inner springs or the foam that restricts motion.

Parametermemory foampillow
To feelBody fit, pressure relief.Sensitive and flexible thanks to the wrapped support layer
durabilityHigh-quality memory foam beds are more durable.The coil layer degenerates more quickly and affects the durability of the bed.
temperature controlTraditional memory foam traps heat, but memory foam with cooling properties, like open-cell cooling gels and other cooling additives, help beat the heat.Internal spring coils promote airflow and make the mattress cooler and more breathable
motion isolationExcellent for isolating movement.Little to no motion isolation due to internal spring coils
degassingIt is more likely to outgas due to synthetic polyurethane foam.Slight outgassing depending on whether the cushion contains foam
PreisGenerally more expensive than a pillow top, with a queen size ranging from $600 to $4,000Generally cheaper than memory foam, with queen sizes ranging from $200 to $2000

frequent questions

Can you have a pillow on a memory foam mattress?

Pillows are not necessary due to the conformable properties of memory foam; are more common withinternal beds, which acts as a comfort layer.

What is the difference between a hybrid mattress and a mattress topper?

While hybrids and pillow tops contain innersprings as a support layer, hybrid mattresses have pocket coils, innersprings that are individually wound to limit motion transfer.hybrid mattressesIt also has a memory foam or latex comfort layer that is at least 2 inches thick. A pillow-top mattress may contain memory foam, latex, or other materials such as cotton, wool, or fiberfill in its comfort layer, but it's likely to be less than 2 inches thick.


Obest mattressDepending on your needs, it could be memory foam or a pillow. Decide according to your preferences and priorities. While memory foam is fine for a tight hug, you might prefer a pillow top if you like a bit of bounce.

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