HSBC Rugby Sevens 2023 fixtures have been announced (2023)

  • The 2023 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series is unprecedented in size, with a strong line-up of teams and organizers
  • The top four men's and women's teams in the 2023 series will secure tickets to the 2024 Paris Olympics, with Olympic qualification on the line.
  • The men's series will span a record 11 rounds, two of which will be held in Hong Kong, with the first round taking place from November 4 to 6, 2022 before returning from March 31 to April 2, 2023.
  • The women's series will feature a record seven rounds, one more than in 2022, and will begin in Dubai on December 2-3, 2022
  • Australia will aim to defend the women's title, while the men's title for the 2022 series will be decided in Los Angeles on August 27-28.
  • Rugby sevens continues to grow and evolve after the hugely influential Tokyo Olympics

The long fixture list for 2023 for the HSBC Rugby Sevens World Series has been released today, including a full list of teams and hosts, as the dynamic, high-octane Olympic sport grows, evolves and attracts new fans around the world.

Competition was fierce throughout, with the top four men's and women's teams in the 2023 standings qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The men's series will consist of a record eleven rounds, two of which will be played in Hong Kong, with the first round taking place from November 4-6, 2022.

See the schedule for the series 2023>>

The women's series, with a record seven rounds, kicks off in Dubai on December 2-3, 2022, the first of four consecutive events. Dubai will be followed by a trip to Cape Town, South Africa on December 9-11, before all teams meet in Hamilton, New Zealand (January 21-22) and Sydney, Australia (January 27-29) for the first time since 2020 . . ). ) for the game.

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The men's series followed on February 25-26 in Los Angeles, USA, before a joint event in Vancouver, Canada, March 3-5, which was a departure from the previous series, as the women's championship was held in conjunction with the BC Plaza. Known for its large, loud, colorful crowd.

The men's and women's teams then travel to Hong Kong from March 31-April 2 for the traditional blockbuster, followed by the men's competition in Singapore from April 8-9.

The women's series will draw to a thrilling close on May 12-14 in Toulouse, France as part of a combined event on May 12-14, while the men's series final will take place a week later on May 20. The 2023 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series will be held in London, England on the 21st.

After dominating in 2022, Australia's women's team is looking to defend the title in 2023, but will face stiff competition from Olympic champions New Zealand, France and Fiji, as well as the impressive United States and fast-improving Ireland.

View the standings of the 2022 series >>

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The 2022 men's series champion has yet to be decided. The final round will take place in Los Angeles on August 27-28, following an outstanding and competitive weekend at London's Twickenham Stadium in front of over 74,000 fans.

South Africa won the first four rounds in a row before two-time Olympic champions Fiji returned to the series with thrilling performances in Singapore and Toulouse, Argentina won their first series in 14 years in Vancouver and Australia took gold in London. With New Zealand's silver medalists also back in action, the 2023 series will be hotly contested.

Rugby Sevens players and fans will have a very busy and exciting period ahead of the 2023 series over the coming months, which will include the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, from 29-31 July. Los Angeles in August and the highly anticipated Rugby Sevens World Cup in Cape Town from September 9-11.

August will also see the World Rugby Challengers Series taking place, with a men's team and a women's team being routed to the 2023 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. Details for the Contenders series below will be announced shortly.

The series continues to attract new fans following strong men's and women's competition at the Tokyo Olympics in July 2021. Independent research shows that Rugby Sevens' second Olympic appearance has a huge impact on the sport, bringing in new, younger and more diverse players can attract and motivate. Fans around the world, especially in the emerging rugby countries, 54% of people believe the Olympics have increased their interest in the sport and 63% are watching rugby sevens for the first time.

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The youth social media content of World Rugby at the Tokyo Olympics has been hugely successful as part of the International Federation. 2,400 posts across five World Rugby platforms generated 22 million video views, over 100 million impressions and 340,000 public engagements. s – This is how we do interactive campaigns.

Alan Gilpin, CEO of World Rugby, said::- After a period of unique challenges to world sport, we are pleased to announce that Rugby Sevens is back at full strength with a full host and squad for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens 2023 Biggest Rugby Sevens series to date.

- Fans around the world can mark their calendars and look forward with excitement and confidence to a series that will be competitive and intense from start to finish, with the top four women's winners receiving Olympic qualification for Paris 2024. The men's teams in the 2023 series standings.

- Expectations are particularly high for players and fans to return to beloved locations such as Hong Kong, Hamilton and Sydney, having missed them in recent years due to the global pandemic. We are excited to see Vancouver Welcome to the Women's Championship as part of the 2023 Combined Event.

– I would like to express my gratitude to our title partners HSBC, DHL, Capgemini and Gilbert for their outstanding support and dedication to the series at a difficult time for everyone. We also thank our hosting partners and all stakeholders who have put in tremendous effort to help us deliver a series that goes from strength to strength.

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Research insights show that rugby sevens plays a vital role in reaching and attracting new fans, especially in emerging rugby countries, with World Rugby fully committed to rugby sevens as a highly influential and successful sport. The Olympic Movement has a very bright future for sustainable development. innovation and success. –

Jonathan Castleman, Head of Global Brands and Brand Partnerships, HSBC, said::- We are delighted that the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series will be back strong in 2023 as we work with World Rugby to build better after a difficult period for the world and for rugby.

"As we continue to celebrate and strive for more opportunities for our players, we also look forward to more competition between men's and women's teams around the world."

Jamie Levchuk, Interim CEO and CEO, Revenue and Fan Engagement, Canadian Rugby Federation: "We are pleased to confirm that we will host the Women's and Men's HSBC Canada Sevens in Vancouver in 2023. We aim to provide an equal platform for women and men" We are delighted to welcome the best women and men in the world The Rugby The Sevens team will be at BC Place for three days from 3rd to 5th March 2023.

– We would like to thank the City of Langford for hosting the HSBC Canada Women's Rugby Sevens since 2015. Langford will continue to be the home of Canada Rugby and we look forward to continuing to host international events at Star Stadium in the future. –

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