Great rugby sevens on day one in Hamilton - HSBC Rugby World Sevens Series (2023)

After such a great start at the end of 2022, the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series is fantastic to return to Hamilton, New Zealand on Saturday to kick off 2023.

It was a busy day, with the competition split into men's and women's events.

In the end, three men's teams and three women's teams won three of three games, and in the final game, Team USA topped the group with two wins and one tie.

On the men's side, Samoa from Group A surprisingly failed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Cup, while in the women's side New Zealand sometimes performed well without conceding a point.

Men's Group A, Group B

Fiji won three out of three to win Group A, while New Zealand also won Group B with the same result.

Group A starts with Tira Wilagi, Waisea Nacuqu, Philippe Sauturaga and Manueli Maisamoa Shot, Fiji beats France 26-10.

Kenya trailed Samoa 5-5 at half time with Paul Scanlan (2), Vaa Apelu Maliko and Motu O Motu Opetai scoring individually as Kenya won 31-5.

Soturaga, Nakuk and Viva Naduvalo each scored as Fiji beat Kenya 21-7 before France bounced back to beat Samoa.

Paulin Riva, Aaron Grandidier and Rayan Rebbadj were the top scorers for the 21-10 win.

The result left the pool wide open as attempts from Nakuchu (2), Naduvalo and Mesamoah saw Fiji beat Samoa 22-12, their second loss of the day.

This means that if France beats Kenya, France will advance to the quarter-finals of the cup with Fiji, while Samoa will be eliminated.

France eventually did just that, but came under heavy pressure from Kenya, who scored a hat-trick from Nelson Epe to win 26-21.

In the first match of Group B, the home side showed their strength by beating Tonga 45-0.

Among those who tried were Moses Leo, Regan Ware, Joe Webber, Roderick Solo, Nagaroshi McGarvey, Ngarohi McGarvey-Black (2) and Brady Rush.

Nathan Lawson then scored two tries to help Australia beat Great Britain 28-14.

(Video) London DELIVERS on Day One! | HSBC London Sevens Rugby

Tonga then caused a stir as England beat them 26-21 with Kyren Taumoefolau, Rodney Tongotea and John Ika all coming out victorious.

Then there was a rift in relations between New Zealand and Australia. Henry Patterson's second-half finish from Dietrich Roach looked likely to seal victory for Australia, but Solo and Aguilar Roccolisoa had other ideas.

The two kicked a goal and converted respectively, with New Zealand winning 21–19.

Roach's hat-trick helped Australia beat Tonga 36-7, but it wasn't enough to lift them to the top of their group.

see them all 👀

Dietrich Roach is great#HSBC7s|#NZ7's|@Aussie7s

— World Rugby Sevens (@WorldRugby7s)January 21, 2023

And that's because the single double led New Zealand to a 19-12 victory over Great Britain.

New Zealand and Australia advance to the quarter-finals of the cup.

Men's C and D teams

The United States are the best team in Group C, while Dubai champions South Africa are on form and looking for the top spot in Group D.

Ireland struggled in their Group C opener with Uruguay closing in and Brian Molen's shot being saved by Mark Riche to win 14-12.

The United States had no such problems against Japan, where Kevin Williams and Perry Baker led the way with a double play to seal a 40-12 victory.

Subsequently, goals from Moeki Fukushi, Yoshihiro Noguchi, Yoshiyuki Koga and Taiga Ishida gave Japan a 24-19 victory over Uruguay.

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Both the US and Ireland knew the game between the two was important and it ended in a 14-14 draw.

Ireland led 14-7 late in the game, but Ben Broselle scored and Steve Tomasin made a field goal to split the US win.

Tomasin then scored a goal himself and the United States beat Uruguay 28–12, although Ireland went on to beat Japan 33–12, but the United States had already won the group stage on points.

Ireland also reached the quarter-finals of the cup.

Group D got off to a blistering start, with South Africa showing seriousness in this game, with Hilton Van Wyck (2), Selvin Davies, Christy Groberal and Sean William Adams scoring in a 34-5 win over Canada.

Agustin Fraga led the way with a hat-trick as Argentina opened the season with a 20-5 win over Spain.

Fraga then struck again with two more goals and Marcos Monetta scored in double figures to beat Canada 29–14.

Spain invaded South Africa but tries from Darwin Bullard, Davies and Williams and two conversions helped the latter to a 19-12 victory.

All this means that South Africa and Argentina know their play will decide who comes out on top in their group.

A five-point goal from Zane Davies eventually gave South Africa a 17–14 win, with both teams progressing to the quarter-finals of the Cup.

Tries from Josiah Mora and Thomas Isherwood saw Canada secure a 12-5 victory over Spain to take third place in their group.

First Women's Club

The New Zealand team has three wins and three losses and occupies first place in Group A.

First they defeated Papua New Guinea 58-0 with Stacey Fluhler hitting a hat-trick to take the lead.

Ana Maria Naimasi, Lavena Cavuru and Adi Vani Blakey came on shortly after Fiji's 19-14 start against Great Britain. vani Buleki) attempted an attack for the winner.

(Video) We're LIVE for day one of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in New Zealand #NZSevens

Grace Crompton scored twice for England in her second match as they beat Papua New Guinea 36-0 before New Zealand continued their attack on Fiji.

Risi Pouri-Lane, Michaela Blyde, Jazmin Felix-Hotham, Fluhler and Sarah Hirini drove in points in a 27-0 win.

Fiji bounced back in style as Maria Rokotuisiga beat Papua New Guinea 50–0 in four overs, with New Zealand and England closing out the opening day.

Brad's two crosses gave New Zealand a 10–0 half-time lead, while Fleurer and Portia Woodman-Wickliffe's second cross put New Zealand ahead 20–0.

This means that New Zealand, Fiji and Great Britain qualify for the quarter-finals of the cup.

B Women's Group, C Group

Team Australia and Team USA led Group B and Group C respectively with three wins and three wins.

Group B got off to a dramatic start, with late goals from Ian Jason and Yolaine Yengo holding France to a 12-12 draw against Canada.

Maddison Levi took the lead with two tries as Dubai champions Australia beat Japan 26-14 early on.

Jason struck again, with crosses from Joanna Grisez, Lily Derzo and Valentin Losauz, as France defeated Japan 26-12.

Levy scored two more goals and Australia beat Canada 33-7.

Japan bounced back from two losses to beat Canada 17-7 with Yume Hirano, Michiyo Suda and Mayu Yoshino leading the scorers.

Levy scored five, six and seven tries in quick succession on a stunning day as Australia beat France 43-0 to top their group.

Faith Nathan, Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea, Sharni Williams and Madison Ashby were also there. Score the ball.

Australia, France and Japan advanced to the quarter-finals of the cup.

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Group C were routinely beaten 28-5 by Brazil, with two tries from Aim Lee Murphy Crowe.

Centers of Cheta Emba (3), Sammy Sullivan and Kristi Kirshe followed and the USA proved their quality with a 31-12 victory over Spain.

This is the perfect time to ask questions#NZ7'shat trick 🎩🪄@Chetaembathird for rest@USA RugbyTake full control of Spain.#ImpactMoment|@DHL Rugby

— World Rugby Sevens (@WorldRugby7s)January 20, 2023

Murphy Crow, Kathy Baker, Lucy Mulhall, Bebin Parsons and Emily Lane scored as Ireland beat Spain 31-5 before Sullivan. A hat-trick gave the US a 41-0 victory over Brazil.

This means that Ireland and the US will compete for first place.

In that game, a missed 3-pointer by Naya Tapper gave the USA a 10-0 lead at halftime in a 15-7 victory.

Brazil bounced back from two losses to beat Spain 36-17 for third place in their group.

Marcelle Souza, Thalia Costa (2), Mariana Nicolau, Gabriela Lima in Camilla Carvalo waren hun try-scorers in dat duel.

The USA and Ireland advance to the quarter-finals of the cup.

Lots to look forward to the next day

The men's and women's teams meet again on Sunday in the qualifying match.

In the quarter-finals of the Men's Cup, South Africa will face France, Fiji against Argentina, the United States against Australia and New Zealand against Ireland.

In the quarter-finals of the Women's Cup, Australia will face Great Britain, the United States against Fiji, France against Ireland and Japan against New Zealand.


What is the prize money for the World Rugby Sevens Series? ›

The press release from World RFL says the “event will showcase World Rugby's top-ranked rugby sevens teams baring their teeth for $1 million; the sport's richest-ever prize pool” and is sanctioned by the U.S. Olympic and World Cup governing body USA Rugby.

Where can I watch Rugby 7s live? ›

Stream World Rugby Sevens Series on beIN SPORTS CONNECT

If you're a new customer, you'll be able to watch via beIN SPORTS CONNECT's 7-day free trial. It's compatible with the likes of Apple TV, Chromecast, AirPlay, PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices plus Samsung Smart TV (Tizen OS) and Android TV (v6. 0 and above).

What is the biggest rugby 7s tournament in the world? ›

Rugby World Cup Sevens (RWCS) is the quadrennial world championship of rugby sevens, a variant of rugby union. Organised by World Rugby, it currently consists of men's and women's tournaments, and is the highest level of competition in the sport outside of the Summer Olympics.

Who is currently leading the men's World Rugby Sevens series? ›

New Zealand 7s


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