Cease and desist statement: definition, mode of operation and examples (2023)

A cease and desist order...A cease and desist letter...
... is issued by an authority or a court.... can be written by anyone, usually a lawyer.
...requires the perpetrator to stop an action....causes the perpetrator to stop an activity.
...requires the author to contact an authority or a court....asks a response from the perpetrator.
...prohibits the perpetrator from continuing the activity....does not prohibit the activity (but may legally sue the recipient).

infraction letter

A cease and desist letter is not legally binding and reflects the opinion of an individual, usually an attorney. A cease and desist letter can be used to advise an offender that legal action may be taken if he does not stop the activity. Typically, the perpetrator is given a set time frame, usually 10 to 15 days, to desist.

A cease and desist letter must comply with the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is transmitted. In addition, the American Bar Association's (ABA) Model Rules of Professional Conduct state that an attorney "shall not file, participate in the filing of, or threaten to file a criminal complaint for the sole purpose of gaining advantage in a civil matter." ." Such a threat has no legal significance other than a bargaining tactic.

Cessation and desistance letters usually require a signature at the time of service. The letter is usually sent with a requested confirmation, although this is not required.

Legal considerations for a cease and desist letter

An attorney is subject to the ABA's model professional standards. These rules prevent attorneys from making or participating in threats or bringing criminal charges to gain advantage in a civil suit.

As a general rule, three conditions must be met before a lawyer can raise the possibility of a lawsuit without violating the professional code.

  1. The charge must be related to the civil matter in question.Citing a criminal charge that has nothing to do with the civil charge to gain advantage in a civil case is a coup frowned upon by the legal system. A lawyer who abuses trust by maliciously misrepresenting a case or making a false accusation would be engaging in misconduct.
  2. The attorney must believe that the civil action and related criminal charges are based on the merits of the law.An unsubstantiated and unsubstantiated complaint can expose the lawyer to a charge of embarrassment from the person who received the cease and desist letter. It may be determined that the attorney has filed a frivolous claim in violation of the Standard Rules of Professional Conduct.
  3. A lawyer must not attempt to exercise or improperly influence the criminal process.An attorney who attempts to enforce the legal outcome of a cease and desist by illegitimate means, such as bias, coercion orFraudmay have manipulated the legal system. For example, an attorney may not inform a recipient that if the recipient complies with the client's requirements set out in the letter, criminal charges can be avoided. In legal terms, this could mean that the attorney has some authority over court proceedings, a violation of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Anyone can submit a notice. A lawyer need not be involved. However, a lawyer can advise claimants on whether their rights have been violated and whether they have legal rights andmeritoriousright to warning. The lawyer also knows the correct language.

A restraining order is a type of cease and desist order that can be issued against a person accused of bullying or harassment.

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Examples of omission and omission

There are four illegal activities that are most commonly addressed with cease and desist orders or letters:intellectual property, harassment, character defamation and defamation and breaches of contract, including unfair labor practices or unfair compensation.

Remember that while anyone can write a cease and desist order, a cease and desist order must be issued by a court or other body with the legal right to do so.

If you receive a notice, check it carefully, if necessary with legal advice, to find out who sent it and what its legal status and validity are.

Intellectual property

Someone who reproduces works that are trademarked, copyrighted, or copyrightedPatentit is likely that a cease and desist letter or order will be obtained without permission.

For example, a site publisher who plagiarizes content or images from another site risks not accepting rights to republish the content.copyright infringementFees and may be notified with a cease and desist letter.

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If a charge is filed in court, the cease and desist statement serves as evidence that the recipient was aware of the alleged misconduct.


A person who repeatedly harasses or threatens another person may receive a cease and desist letter as a warning.

For example, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCAPA), third-party providersticket collectorwill not harass, oppress or abuse anyone to collect a debt.

A debt collector who constantly and frequently calls adebtora warning may be issued. In more serious cases, a court order may be sought and issued.

A restraining order is a special type of injunction used in cases of harassment or intimidation. The definition and rules regarding bullying vary by state.

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character slurs and slurs

It is illegal to make false comments, written or oral, about another person that could harm their reputation and business. A person who engages in such behavior should not be surprised to receive a cease and desist letter.

For example, a person who spreads the false rumor that a fast-food chain's hamburgers are mostly ground insects may receive a cease and desist letter, or even a cease and desist order, because his lies could damage the business.

breaches of contract

A cease and desist letter or order may be issued to a party who violates the terms of the contract. At thehedge fundFor example, in industry, employees are often required to sign anon-compete clause. This means that employees leaving the company cannot take their own materials or hedge fund clients with them.

If an employee resigns from a new position and solicits clients from the previous employer, the previous employer may send a cease and desist letter alerting the employee to possible criminal charges.void a contract.

Tolerance FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about letters and cease and desist orders.

Can anyone send a cease and desist letter?

Yes. You don't need a lawyer to prepare a cease and desist letter, although a lawyer knows how to write a letter that properly scares the recipient without crossing ethical boundaries.

In fact, DIYers can find templates online with ready-made prompts for every occasion. Examples of letters asking the recipient to stop unauthorized use of copyrighted works, breach of contract, defamation and harassment are available on sites such as TempateLAB and eForms.

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Please note that a cease and desist order is not legally binding like a cease and desist order from a court or government agency. Its purpose is to alert the recipient that he is aware of a suspected violation and may be ready to take legal action to protect his rights.

How effective are cease and desist letters?

A warning can be very effective.

A reputable company or individual whose reputation needs protecting will likely pay attention to reports of illegal activity.

However, there are people who will ignore anything other than a cease and desist order from a court or government agency. They know it would be expensive and time consuming for someone to take legal action against them.

What happens if a cease and desist letter is ignored?

By definition, a cease and desist order states that illegal activity is taking place and requires the recipient to stop it immediately.

If a warning is ignored, the sender has legal recourse to sue the perpetrator. And if it makes it to court, the cease and desist statement serves as evidence that the perpetrator issued a warning prior to the violation and ignored the warning.


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