7 of the Cheapest Military Vehicles (And 6 You'll Never Afford) (2023)

Military vehicles are built to survive in times of war. They are probably in the middleThe best vehicles to survive a zombie apocalypse. Although these vehicles are normally not roadworthy, military vehicles have become very popular with civilians. The market is flooded with tons of military surplus vehicles that anyone can buy as long as they can afford them.

Updated May 2022: While most military vehicles are designed for military use only, there are some units that civilians can purchase. We've updated this list with some of the cheapest military cars anyone can buy and some that only the rich can afford.

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While they aren't cars you drive every day, military vehicles are perfect collectibles to drive every now and then. With the way things are changing today, it's perfectly fine to be prepared for an apocalypse or war or whatever. A good military vehicle will come in handy in such a situation. That said, there are many military vehicles on the market today with different price points. Some are too expensive for the common man, while others are quite affordable and can be had by anyone looking for a powerful vehicle. Here are some cheap military vehicles that anyone can afford and some that are reserved for the rich.


13 Billig: Dodge WC Utility Pickup – 8.950 $

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This legendary military vehicle was mainly used by the United States and Europe during World War II. Even after World War II, this truck was still popular with most military personnel. A retired military man will attest that the Dodge WC Utility Truck is a high performance vehicle and its utility makes it one of the best off-road military vehicles. No wonder it's perfect for hunting, farming, and camping.

Available for around $9,000, the Dodge WC is one of those.the cheapest military vehicles civilians can buy. Although it may seem very cheap, it is not easy to find one in good condition as it is no longer manufactured. Most models available are in the traditional jungle green color for camouflage purposes.

12 Expensive: Mine Resistant Vehicle with Ambush Protection - $1 million

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Although this is one ofThe best military vehicles anyone can own, its million-dollar price tag hardly makes it affordable for everyone. Associated with the US military, these vehicles feature a V-shaped design resistant to improvised electronic attacks. Most armed forces still don't have the financial power to buy this powerful vehicle, which is selling for $1 million.

Mine-resistant ambush vehicles are so expensive that the Pentagon spent $50 billion to manufacture them during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, these expensive machines must be equipped with bulletproof cases, otherwise all the money would have gone to waste. In addition to their very high price, MRAPs also have high fuel consumption, which means their maintenance costs are also exceptionally high.

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11 With: Volkswagen Iltis – $13,951

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This German machine has a 1.7 liter 4 cylinder VW engine. German engineers are known to have some of the best engineering skills in the world and this was perfectly demonstrated in the creation of this beast. Even during World War II, it was no secret that the Germans had superior military vehicles. You don't have to worry about Spring Mud, as this beast can easily trick you.

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The interior is simple and has two comfortable rear seats. It has a top speed of 131 km/h, which is perfect for this type of car. Definitely a party killer, this vehicle can easily survive in Car Warriors due to its customization abilities. The VW Iltis has an average price of $13,951 and is a good drawing board for mods. It can be easily tampered with modifications to make it legal in different countries.

10 Expensive: Russian military "Batmobile" ($6 million)

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One thing about these expensive military vehicles is that they are very protective and have the best combat designs. For example, this Russian Batmobile has 3-inch strong ballistic armor. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with powerful 95 hp engines and automatic transmissions that can switch between two- and four-wheel drive.

They have remotely controlled weapon systems and bulletproof bodies, making them a nightmare for the enemy in battle. These vehicles are among the most expensive military ground vehicles, and just one can cost $6 million. The design is also believed to have been inspired by Bruce Wayne's secret armored toy. For this reason, of course, it is nicknamed the "Batmobile".

9 Budget: 1953 Jeep Willys - $7,917

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While the 1953 Willys Jeep has an average price of $7,917, several examples have sold for less than $3,000. The multipurpose vehicle was first produced by Willys-Overland in 1953, equipped with four-wheel drive and high suspension. It is powered by a four-cylinder engine with a manual gearbox. With the fuel economy of a typical utility vehicle and four-seat specification, the Jeep Willys is the perfect getaway vehicle for a spirited young couple who love wild adventures. After all, buying doesn't necessarily mean someone robbing the banks.

The vehicle's design was made so that it could easily be converted into a closed vehicle, but it definitely wouldn't look as good. It can be used for agricultural and industrial work in today's world as it has a small space at the back. The visual image of this vehicle is that of a relatively small, light and powerful military machine. Although several automakers, including KIA and India's Mahindra, continue to produce these vehicles, the new versions can hardly match the performance of the original Willys.

8 Expensive: ZIL Troop Carrier aka The Punisher – Over $1 Million

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The Zil Troop Carrier, also known as the Punisher, is among the most expensive military ground vehicles, costing at least $1 million. Unlike other military vehicles, this one is a bit unorthodox and doesn't match typical army designs around the world. It looks like one of those unmanned vehicles that go into space on a reconnaissance mission.

The Russian-made Zil Troop Carrier has a sleek Hummer design; The bodywork is impressive and has a characteristic sloping roof. Something like this would be a shame if it wasn't bulletproof. The interior of this vehicle is also something to die for.

7 Preis: 1993 AM General Humvee – 11.000 $

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This highly mobile all-rounder offers a smooth ride and has traditionally served as a light military truck. It has been used by various military troops around the world to transport military cargo and other goods. It's basically the Hulk of military vehicles. Can be used with the top down on rainy days, but can be used without the top for travel and vacations.

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On the battlefield, a pendant is usually attached to it, which serves several purposes, e.g. B. as an ambulance. The versatility and reliability of this machine make it one of the most sought after military cars by civilians and armed forces alike. Equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 engine and independent suspension, it can reach a top speed of 100 km/h and has all-wheel drive with excellent performance on rough terrain. Hummer lovers can be satisfied with this vehicle as it commands respect on the road and offers exemplary off-road performance. And it's available for around $11,000. Though it costs just under $25,000 on average.

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6 Expensive: The Force Protection Ocelot ($1.5 million)

7 of the Cheapest Military Vehicles (And 6 You'll Never Afford) (8)

The Force Protection Ocelot is a light military vehicle used primarily as a supply vehicle by the military. It is equipped with a powerful engine and a robust exterior that allows it to quickly adapt to the toughest conditions. It can also be modified and used as a battlefield ambulance to transport wounded soldiers to emergency camps. It is also resistant to roadside bombs and improvised electronic devices. He is often referred to as "The Transformer" by military officials.

It is a four-wheel drive car and can easily pass through deep and muddy areas of the jungle. For a civilian, this is definitely one of those military vehicles for anyone looking to bully some people they really don't like. It's also a perfect magnet for women to keep everyone on board feeling safe. The bad news is that this vehicle is not for everyone, as it costs $1.5 million to buy one.

5 Gunstig: Pinzgauer Turbo D 718 AMB – (US$ 6,000)

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For a Pinzgauer Turbo D 718 AMB project, the vehicle can be had for less than $10,000. But if it's a perfectly functioning version, this Pinzgauer will cost between $12,000 and $50,000, depending on the condition of the vehicle. This all-terrain vehicle was originally used to transport troops due to its large space. While it's ugly to look at, it's a high-performance beast that works even better on rough roads. The vehicle can be used in fire fighting and all high volume industrial applications. It comes with a detachable portable cover that allows for easy customization for any task. Due to its high volume-to-size ratio, this cart can also be used to transport goods. The United Nations uses it to transport people from war zones to safe places.

While not perfect for everyday use, it's nice to keep in the backyard for display or to deter intruders and nosy neighbors. However, small structural modifications need to be made to suit different purposes. If there's a zombie apocalypse, this is probably the best car to get away with.

4 Expensive: IMI Combat Guard - $3 million

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There are rumors that theIMI-Kampfwacheit makes lobsters look like quads. A vehicle that can easily climb a 70 degree incline is not a car to be underestimated. Not only can it be used for military missions, but also for border patrol.

The IMI Combat Guard was designed and engineered by the Israeli Army and accommodates eight passengers. Israel has one of the most powerful military advances in the world. But it is not easy. To own one of these beasts, buyers must shell out at least $3 million. Some countries cannot afford this for their armies.

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3 Barato: 1998 Stewart & Stevenson M1079 LMTV ($ 15.000)

7 of the Cheapest Military Vehicles (And 6 You'll Never Afford) (11)

Powered by a 290 hp engine, this heavy duty truck is extremely reliable and of course the service offered is no match for the price tag that ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. It has a simple but excellent interior with no fancy details, but that's understandable given its age. It is a four wheel drive vehicle and can perform well on and off road. This half ton wagon can be used for construction work and fire brigades. It has a unique resistance and is equipped with a folding bed, as it was originally made for long distances.

The powerful engine is durable and replacement parts are readily available at military hardware stores in the Midwest. Owners of this vehicle must find a way to limit emissions as most countries do not allow the type of pollution it produces. However, most armed forces around the world continue to use this car to transport their troops and cargo.

2 Expensive: FLYPmode - $10 million

7 of the Cheapest Military Vehicles (And 6 You'll Never Afford) (12)

FLYP mode is the future. Thanks to its modern 430 hp V8 engine, the FLYPmode is one of the best military vehicles for off-road operations. FLYP mode is like a real movie experience, only better. Its relatively small size is quite confusing, but it is equally agile and built for the harshest conditions on the battlefield.

Surprisingly, most American Humvees are not very impact resistant, but FLYP mode is the answer to that problem. A modest looking military vehicle like the FLYP mode is no match for most Humvees in terms of blast resistance.FLYPmode is the result of a multi-billion dollar DARPA project to develop state-of-the-art military vehicles.. Of course, FLYPmode isn't worth a billion dollars, as it wasn't the only military invention to come out of this DARPA project. However, a single FLYP mode costs at least $10 million.

1 Budget: BMY M923A2 5-ton military truck - $6,880

7 of the Cheapest Military Vehicles (And 6 You'll Never Afford) (13)
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This is one of the best heavy duty military vehicles highly valued for its services. It was originally used by the US Army to transport heavy goods. It has an 8.3-litre, 6-cylinder diesel engine that offers enough power for heavy-duty tasks. This beast is an all-weather 4x4, making it an extremely reliable vehicle. It is also ideal for construction work, especially for moving bricks and sand.

Like most military vehicles, this 5-ton military truck doesn't have an attractive exterior. But who wants a good workhorse? Although the truck is not very expensive,Price quoted is for a 5 ton 1991 BMY M923A2 truck sold on govdeals.com. The truck costs a maximum of $15,000.


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