38 Valorante Terms Every Gamer Should Know (2023)

Valorant, like any team-based shooter, has its fair share of secrets and terms that can make the average gamer scratch their headphones. What is an input fragger? Why is trading good for some teams and not for others? What is economics and why can I never afford a trade? What exactly is an operation?

It takes a little legwork to really understand what's going on in a Valorant game. While most with typical shooter experience will know the basics, Valorant is not your typical game. This guide will help you explain why your team criticizes you in chat for "not shifting gears". So, without further ado, let's start...

negotiation skills

A test maneuver for attackers and a stall tactic for defenders. Characters with AoE abilities (bursts of smoke and damage-dealing abilities) can stop a push or push defenders from favorable positions. They are reaction games to nullify the advantage that the enemy's ability would have.


If a player gets all five kills in a round, they win an ace. You'll often see the other teammates backing down to let them get the ace instead of letting someone kill. A team ace is when all players on a team kill during the round. Teamwork makes the dream come true.


A player who casts aggro gives away their position and attracts the enemy's attention. Sometimes it serves to open up a flanker for a play from the angle or to turn the tide of a long shootout. If a player is playing aggressively, most of the crosshairs will be on them.


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The first bullet from your gun in Valorant will always be the most accurate except that you run and shoot like crazy. In Fast Break, a player stops your direction with A or D and immediately changes direction. Firing your weapon in the center before you start moving the other direction will allow you to aim much more consistently.


A cutout in a wall or small alcove where an enemy might be expected to cross your path. There are usually multiple booths per location and map.

to have lunch

A headshot. There is an audible dink noise. Most of the time it will be a one-shot kill, but shields and variable weapon damage play a role.

dual configuration / dual configuration

When two players, usually defenders, stack the exact same point to try to overwhelm the lurking enemy. A common point is the map split, the central area of ​​the map where two players are often stacked or doubled in a long line of sight so they can start a turn without having to look.

When the team is doubled there is often a quick exit option so a player can quickly rotate and leave one behind to maintain midfield if necessary. When a team puts 4 or more players on a side, it's called site stacking.

double swing

If you play aggressively, two players will come out of cover to try to make a pick or force a trade. They often see this on offense as a strategy at first sight, or on defense when the defenders know they're dealing with low numbers and are trying to win quickly.

With two targets, it can cause some players to hesitate and wonder who to focus on, or it can cause all players to focus on one player on the double swing, giving the teammate ample time to make a switch force or even eliminate all players. a Queen Activaron.


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Economy (Öko)

The money a player has access to and how it is distributed. Kills, plants, assists, and round wins affect the amount of money a player has to spend per round. Not spending it wisely can leave a player stuck and unable to use max weapon tier.

There are many scenarios where economics come into play. Starting a round with a pistol but looting an enemy Operator or Vandal can drastically improve your team's economics and a player's specific economic rank. Saving can also be a collaborative effort, e.g. B. when a player upgrades from an SMG to a rifle, allowing a teammate to pick up their scrapped weapon instead of buying their own, saving credits.

driveway crusher

Usually a duelist (Reyna, Jett, Phoenix) who leads the team into a fight by joining first. They won't always have the best stats, they will often have the most kills, but a successful entry fragger should make as much room for their team as possible and try to get a kill or two before they trade.


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Fake Disable/Ninja Disable

Start defusing a bomb while enemies are still alive to lure them out of hiding and force them to play. Done long enough to activate the audio cue, the player becomes aggressive, attracting planters who try to stop the disarm attempt.

Defusing before the team defending the bomb site realizes what is happening is called Ninja Defusing.


Playing too aggressively or rushing to a point without proper control or discipline. You can usually tell if someone is eating when: they get their first kill, get killed every turn, or get into fights they would never dream of winning.


In general, good marksmanship has more to do with target discipline and less with quick movements. But sometimes an enemy pops up from the last expected spot and requires you to move your mouse. Quick shots are hard to get, but they look great.


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force a rotation

Putting pressure on the numbers at one of the bomb sites and forcing the other team to respond to their play to apply pressure from another location. You'll see this as a feint, early in a round with a possibly smaller team placed on a soon-to-be-cleared sight. This can also happen later in the round when time is running out and not much progress has been made on the first bombsite.



A kill can also be referred to as fragmentation or selection, depending on the commentator's preference.


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purchase completed

Usually with over 4500 credits in the bank, a full purchase means the player has enough for a last-round rifle, a full shield, and all of their abilities. The Op and Assault Rifles cost 5000 and 2900 respectively, making them expensive and a risky purchase if lost to the enemy. Typically you'll see full buys after the first three rounds, after teams switch from pistols to mid-priced pistols, before moving on to big guns.

heaven Hell

A term used to distinguish highs and lows in locations where verticality is an issue. This term is used on maps with a sniper's nest or a place where a player can camp from high and low levels. Defending teams often split their resources between observing the sky and observing from an entry point.

Likewise, attackers generally like to take the skies early when they can, to remove the enemy's advantage from that angle and take the high ground for themselves. As the round progresses and a plant is defended, you'll find that players get more creative in how they approach each other and use Heaven and Hell points to their advantage.


The position of the short side near side b in the link. It's a small room in front of the teleporter exit that allows elevated ground attacks at location b.


A throwing ability, as opposed to a grenade, which has a rapid detonation, a Molly is a grenade that lasts. Killjoy's nano swarm is a molly, like Brimstone's. The Phoenix Spray Fire can also be considered one. It's a pun on Molotovs as they have the same type of afterburn and room cleaning effect.

money in the bank

A team that won a few rounds and didn't have to spend a lot of money to recover. The cap is 9000, so you'll often see richer players buying for those who died in previous rounds.

Money is earned by buying cheap weapons, a light shield, and minimal skills. On tougher odds, it's sometimes necessary to sacrifice a turn in order to better gear up later.


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A breeze

When a player has been dealt enough damage, they are literally one click away from being sent to the spectator's screen.

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Known simply as Op, the Operator is a sniper rifle and the most expensive weapon in Valorant. Able to hit most enemies, even with full shields, it is deadly in the right hands as it single-handedly blocks long lines of sight. You will hear a lot about Op.


The final balls are scattered across the maps. There are two near each team's spawn, as well as a few near the entry points to the bomb sites. You increase the ult meter by one at the expense of a beep and the risk of being an easy target for a few seconds. There are many reasons why collecting an orb is worthwhile. At certain times you will see gear that will allow a specific player to take it more often in hopes of getting a higher final stat.

Peek/Peek Wackeln

To quickly turn corners and try to locate enemy positions in hopes of landing a relatively low-risk shot. Jiggle Peeking is the same but with faster, chunkier peeks. They make a target as small as possible with the intention of drawing enemy fire. Often when facing an op.

Spying on a player is when the enemy is targeting another angry teammate or you're in the middle of a double strike. This allows a teammate to push with the knowledge of someone looking at their blind side. The person chasing the other is obligated to eliminate the kills in any business situation.

round pistol

The first and sometimes the second round of a game. Both teams can only afford one weapon and possibly one or two abilities. The strategies differ greatly from the later rounds.


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playback angle

Casting in an unusual place or angle in hopes of catching the opponent off guard, as they don't usually expect to check that corner or angle. Jett can use his mobility to get to high ground, and playing from there is an evasive angle.

play slow

Rounds can be long in Valorant, and best-of-25 matches can create a lot of variation in strategy. Sometimes a team will wait for the defense to get bored or impatient and move on. Other times they're looking for information or just waiting in the back row hoping to rush the point and put pressure on the other team. Playing slow helps take advantage of any pesky abilities the other team has.

(Enter A B or C) Long and short stitch

Each point will have two entrances subject to different bombing depending on the map. Entrances on the other side of the map with longer lines of sight and favorable defensive positions are said to be long. A long, B long and C long. Short is the inner path to the point directly adjacent to the short path, parallel to the location opposite. With tighter spaces.

plan back

The one turn phase after the bomb is planted and the attackers defend the location and the defenders go on the offensive to retake the location and defuse the bomb. When not much has happened in a round, it usually starts with that.

In seemingly invincible situations, such as 1-5 and 1-3 down, defenders can look for exit fragments in the post-plant phase. They ambush near a bomb site to make the enemy flee from its detonation. Usually get a quick kill or two to hurt your economy.

he prefers

A tactic used in first-person shooters, especially common in games like Valorant, where the time to kill is very short. A player shoots through a wall that a player is standing against, hoping to trap them on top. Sometimes this is done during boost as it can be good to get out of a 50/50 situation.


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The last ability of the sage is called resurrection. Pray briefly.


Don't you know what turn walking is? Well, neither do most of our unranked teammates. We are not inclined, you are inclined. Regardless, if you walk around while holding Shift (or toggle) you'll stay still and your location will remain unknown. That's why so many rounds start so slowly. If a team isn't spotted or is making an aggressive play, they most likely will.

Changing gears is important because it keeps your steps from making noise. The loud footsteps are an audio signal that gives information to the other team, such as: where are you, which direction are you going and which side are you attacking. Players should only run when changing gears is unwise, looking for an aggressive/quick push, or in the middle of a fight and their location is already known.


When Omen, Brimstone, Jett, or Cypher throw their utility smokes on the map, the area goes dark. Smoking often forces the receiving end team to play conservatively or retire. Smoking a website allows the attacker to perform a very secure push.

spending strategy

The spending strategy differs from the final economy and the armaments economy. Occasionally, some players will notice that a Jett will go into a turn with a heavy shield and a Ghost even if they have enough for an Operator. The same Jett probably plans to use Bladestorm instead.

Similarly, different economies affect the strategy and composition of a team. Another example of this is a player who spends all his money on skills while another teammate buys him a strong weapon while he buys a light one.


Win the round by killing an enemy player's weapon.


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When one person from each team is killed during a shootout. Often the entry fragger is one of the trades. It usually happens when the second teammate kills the second enemy while the focus is on the incoming Fragger.


Her ult or ultimate is a character's most powerful ability and requires killing or collecting orbs to unlock rather than buying them with credits. Good players generate their ults faster than the underdogs. Each character's ult is unique and opens up the game in a different way.

Whether it's killing people, leaking information, or providing safe escapes into bad places with the potential for subsequent deaths, you'll instantly know the difference between a normal ability and an ultimate ability.

wall hit

Shoot through a wall or other cover that can damage enemies. In Valorant, enemies are always waiting around the corner, so shoot them. Some weapons can pierce much easier than others, but it never hurts to try. Sudden deaths in bomb campers usually come from big, clever brain blows.

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