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    More than 22 dive sites, two UNESCO World Heritage-listed peaks, a volcano to tour, and endless adventures above and below the water. Here are the best and most memorable things to do in St. Lucia.

    Picturesque St. Lucia refuses to be lumped into one category. It's a magnificent melting pot of natural beauty: lush tropical forests, hidden waterfalls, mountain views, and pristine beaches, along with authentic Creole culture, as evidenced by the flavorful cuisine, lively accent, and laid-back atmosphere. Most of the resorts are up north, but you don't really know St. Louis. Lucia, unless you've been to Soufrière, the original French colonial capital, and visited the fascinating 'volcano drive-in', wandered through the resplendent botanical gardens and explored a historic plantation or two and seen the legendary Pitons from every angle. . But Saint Lucia is not only thatver, it is also aboutagainAttractions: Swimming, sailing, dancing, eating, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, diving and snorkeling. The list is as long as your own interests. If you're wondering what to do in St. Lucia, look no further.

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    Take a break in Marigot Bay

    Take in the views from one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the Caribbean, just five miles south of Castries. All day trips along the west coast of the island take a detour to Marigot Bay simply because it is so beautiful. Arrive on your own to discover Capella Marina, marvel at the beautiful sailboats and yachts, enjoy lunch by the sea, toast the sunset, or enjoy an elegant dinner. A small ferry takes passengers across the bay to a small beach, and the journey takes about a minute.

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    Pamper yourself in a spa

    Almost every major resort in St. Lucia, including many small hotels, has its own spa, but two resorts stand out from the rest.body holiday, on the north end of the island in the Cap Estate, is just that: a vacation for your body. Unbelievably, the room price includes a daily one-hour therapeutic treatment. so inSugar Beach at the Viceroy Resort, which is perfectly located between the Pitons in SoufrimiBy the way, the treatment rooms at the Rainforest Spa are located in tree houses. So indulge your gourmet side and treat yourself.

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    Take a dip under a waterfall

    When the mercury is high, cooling off in a beautiful waterfall is one of the best things to do in St. Lucia. About a kilometer and a half from the port of Soufriere and a short walk from the main road that runs through Fond St Jacques, the Toraille waterfall drops over a cliff and about 15 meters into a pool where you can take a refreshing dip or leave the massage of Falling water can back and shoulders. A nature trail winds through the surrounding lush tropical gardens, and changing rooms are located nearby. Other wonderfully gurgling waterfalls worthy of your time on the island include the intimate Anse La Raye and La Tille waterfalls and gardens on the east coast.

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    Stroll through the botanical gardens

    Each side of each road that crossesDiamond Falls Botanical Gardenand the Soufrière mineral baths are filled with tropical flowers—pinks, purples, reds, yellows, oranges, and blues—and an impressive amount of greenery. A visit is one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia when you just need to rest and enjoy nature. The gardens are part of a 2,000-hectare land grant granted by King Louis XVI of France. introduced in 1713. Finally, arrive at Diamond Falls, where the mineral-rich waterfall causes the rock below to sparkle like diamonds.

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    sail along the coast

    The most convenient way to reach St. Lucia in Soufrière from the north is by sea.lazinessexcursionsDepart from Rodney Bay Marina and Capella Marina in Marigot Bay for a delightful cruise south to Soufriere Bay. Boat tour includes drive-in volcano visits, botanical garden, and lunch at a historic plantation. Nobody gets tired of looking at the Pitons, so luckily they are always in sight. There's a snorkel stop on the return trip and a short cruise around Marigot Bay, making this a must-see in St. Lucia.

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    Hike in the rainforest

    The St. Lucia Rainforest covers more than 19,000 acres of the island. A strenuous hike inEdmund Forest Reserve, accessible from Fond St. Jacques, east of Soufrière, takes three to four hours and the reward is close-ups of exotic flowers and plants, as well as distant views of mountains, valleys and the sparkling sea. Near Castries, the mile-long path through the Barre de l'Isle Forest Reserve is an easy walk with equally spectacular views. For both hikes, a Forest Service permit and guide are required.

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    climb a python

    pythonsIts twin pyramid-shaped peaks, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are the iconic symbols of Saint Lucia. The views from the top of Gros Piton (2,618 feet) are breathtaking, and climbing this impressive volcanic peak is one of the most rewarding (if challenging) activities in St. Lucia. It's more of a hike than a "climb," but the journey is still strenuous, taking an average of about two hours to reach the top.

    You'll need a permit from the Forest Service and a guide to lead you safely along the trail, explaining local history, geology, and botany.

    INNER COUNCILIt is not recommended to climb the Petit Piton (750 meters), the younger brother of the Gros Piton. The path is steeper, unmarked and even dangerous at some points.

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    explore the depths

    Spot magnificent sea creatures – slippery eels, tube-shaped trumpet fish, kingfishers and the like – as you explore the vibrant underwater world of St. Lucia. The coastal waters around the Pitons and north of Anse Cochon are protected as marine reserves and are therefore excellent places for divers to explore reefs, walls and wrecks - the sunken freighter Lesleen M is an excellent field dive.

    There is no shortage of diving centers to facilitate your adventures in the sea. Strip away. Lucia at Rodney Bay is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art, full-service facility with classrooms, a lap pool, and two sleek 30-passenger dive boats. Several large resorts also have on-site dive shops that offer tours, courses, and certifications.

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    INNER COUNCILDivers will also find plenty to see, whether swimming at the beach or embarking on a diving excursion.

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    Jump on Friday night

    One of the most fun things to do in St. Lucia on a Friday night is to join the Gros Islet Street Party, the most popular party on the island. From sunset to the early hours of the morning, that isDieFriday is the place to be, when giant speakers line the town's main street blasting Caribbean sounds from calypso to reggae to soca and zouk, and there's plenty of commotion fueled by ice-cold Piton beer, rum punch and other cocktail drinks. the island. In the side streets, the villagers grill chicken and fish and also sell drinks. Both tourists and locals join in the fun and, of course, the dancing.

    INNER COUNCILDon't worry about going back to the hotel... Your taxi driver will arrange the pick-up time.

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    Go to Fried Fish

    If you find yourself in the small fishing village of Anse La Raye, halfway between Soufriere and Castries, on a Friday night, you've been in time for a Fish Fry. The entire main street (Front Street) is closed to cars and full of people preparing grilled or sautéed fish, crabs, clams, lobsters, roasted corn and empanadas (cookies). The DJs, live music and their selection of drinks should keep you up late at night.

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    Horseback riding on the beach

    Criollo horses are relatively small and stocky, and they love to trot along the sandy beaches of St. Lucia and swim in the sea. Get ready and fulfill your fantasies of horseback riding on the beachAtlantic Shores Equestrian Centers, which offers 2-hour guided horseback riding along the beaches of the south coast, as well as a combination of beach and country trails. This route runs along the Atlantic coast, a banana plantation, and beautiful mountainous terrain. These excursions are fun for the whole family and do not require previous riding experience. You can also gallop along scenic trails during a private 2-3 hour session.Sandy Hoofs Saint Lucia.

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    run through the jungle

    One of the most exciting things to do in St. Lucia is to fly through the dense rainforests on a zip line.rainforest adventureat Babonneau helps you explore your inner Tarzan on your Adrena-Line Canopy Tour. Those looking for a more relaxed experience should opt for the gondola ride. This eight-seat open-air tram is a wonderful way to experience the jungle with experienced guides observing the resident flora and fauna.historic adventure park morne coubaril,offering zip line adventures, rum and chocolate tasting tours.

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    Play in a water park

    For the little ones, it is worth knowing one of the funniest attractions in Saint Lucia.Splash Island Water Park. This set of inflatable water "sports" activities appeals above all to the little ones (from the age of six) and adolescents, although adults also enjoy it. Facing Reduit Beach, opposite Bay Gardens Beach Resort, this is the largest open water sports park in the Caribbean with a trampoline, climbing wall, swing, obstacles, high jump, water polo... and lifeguards.

    INNER COUNCILOn the southern tip of St. Lucia, the family half ofCoco bay beach resortIt has a great water park - activity pool, lazy river, waterfalls, and several water slides - all included in the all-inclusive rates.

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    Eat a banana (or two)

    More than 100 varieties of bananas are grown in St. Lucia, and you'll see plenty of roadside bananas in Babonneau and near Marigot Bay. They often have blue plastic bags wrapped around the grapes to protect them from birds and insects. The well-known yellow fruit appears sweeter and more delicious here. You will see.

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    practice patois

    Saint Lucia is an English-speaking country, but you'll also hear the locals speaking Kwéyòl (Creole) to each other. It sounds French, but it's not. You may want to try a few phrases during your visit. For example, the morning greeting is Bonjou; at night bonswe. Or you can ask: Sa kafèt? (How are you?)

    (Video) 10 IMPORTANT TIPS to know before traveling to ST. LUCIA!

    A popular dish in Saint Lucia is bouyon (a rich soup cooked with meat and tubers), bananas are called figs, avocados are called zaboca and to eat it is called manjé. Choose the Kwéyòl words from the menus, write them on the signs and practice them with the people you meet. Another useful word to learn is viwé, which means return, as this is what most visitors to Saint Lucia tend to do.

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    Enjoy chocolate in different ways

    Saint Lucia has a cocoa trade dating back to the 18th century. The cacao tree and its chocolate-producing pods can be seen all over the island and have become part of the country's cultural fabric, leaving an entire month dedicated to the celebration of chocolate (every August). Therefore, participating in any kind of chocolate ritual is mandatory in Saint Lucia.

    At the historic plantations of Morne Coubaril and Fond Doux in Soufriere, you can watch cocoa pods being turned into bars of chocolate. At the nearby Rabot Hotel by Hotel Chocolat, you can create your own chocolate bars during insightful tours of Tree to Bean and Bean to Bar. Chocolate-enriched taste sensations are also served at the hotel's restaurant – think chocolate toppings white and cocoa marinated scallops. Also in Soufriere,mountain the jadehas its own chocolate lab and spa (Kai en Ciel) offering every chocolate-based treatment imaginable, from chocodara to hot chocolate wax candle massage.

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    Drink fresh coconut water

    In Saint Lucia, it is common to buy fresh coconut water, the best thirst quencher, in traffic jams. If you're driving through the countryside, alone, in a taxi, or on a boardwalk, you're likely to see a "jelly man" standing on the side of the road next to piles of green coconuts ("jelly") with a machete. in his hand. Deftly, using a machete, he slices the end off a coconut with one swift swing, then passes it to you through a straw and you enjoy the freshest coconut water straight from the source.

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    Bathing in a sulfur spring

    While a "mud bath" at a spa is a rejuvenating experience for the skin (and soul), St. Lucia offers a unique "natural" mud bath experience. Regularly known as the only "drive-in volcano" in the world.sulphurous sourcesin Soufrière es uno de losDing not to be missed in Saint Lucia. Head there to detoxify, heal, restore, tone and soften your skin by immersing yourself in the mineral-rich waters. Cover your body in hot gray mud (wear an old bathing suit), wash off in the spring-fed thermal pool, then cool off under a nearby waterfall.Visiting this dormant volcanic crater - the last eruption was in 1766 - many find the sulfurous smells in the air a bit unappealing, but the overall experience is surreal.

    INNER COUNCILWhen planning your swimming attire, remember that wearing camouflage clothing is illegal in St. Lucia. This includes children.

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    Ride the "dollar" bus

    Private 16-passenger vans make up the St. Lucia - a fast, cheap and fun way to travel short distances, for example between Castries and Rodney Bay or Rodney Bay and Cap Estate. While there are standard stops, you can stop one simply by raising your hand when you see one coming down the street. And just tap the panel above the window if you want to get out.

    INNER COUNCILThe "dollar" bus now costs a little over a dollar for a short trip. You still have to buy one if you just want to enjoy local music on the driver's radio.

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    Shop for spices and handicrafts at the Saturday market.

    Browsing a Caribbean market is always fun and although it's open six days a week, Saturday morning is the liveliest and best time to visit the Castries Fruit and Vegetable Market. Row upon row of vendors display their mountains of tropical fruits, vegetables, spices and more, asking you to buy bags of spices and jars of hot sauce to take home. Keep an eye out for the orange rooftops in the center of Castries, just opposite the port.

    INNER COUNCILNext door, you can find straw items and souvenirs at the large craft fair. And across the street, vendors offer their wares.

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    Eat salted fish and green figs.

    Dried and salted cod, soaked overnight, then boiled, shredded, and sautéed with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and spices before adding cooked green plantains, known in St. Lucia as "green figs," is the island's national dish. As a Sunday favorite for home cooks, local restaurants often include it on their menus, even for breakfast.

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    Played at the Cap Estate

    St. Lucia has only one 18-hole championship golf course, the St. Lucia Golf & Country Club, on the northern tip of the island, in the Cap Estate. Golfers will enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea while playing on the 6,744-yard, par 71 course.

    INNER COUNCILSeveral nearby resorts offer their guests preferential hours and free transportation.

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    Watch the sunset between the Pitons

    Perched on the ridge between the Pitons, Ladera Resort offers the world's most breathtaking views of the two peaks, Gros Piton and Petit Piton, and the valley between them. A magnificent sight during the day, watching the sun set between the peaks is nothing short of enchanting. Come to the resort courtyard for a cocktail and stay for dinner at Dasheene Restaurant.

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    rent a boat

    Is a sunny trip to the Caribbean on your bucket list? You can rent a sailboat, catamaran or monohull, or even a powerboat for the afternoon, day, week or more, with or without a crew. Sail along the glorious coastline of St. Lucia and into its alluring coves and inlets, or cruise through the neighboring Grenadines and head to Grenada, one-way or round-trip.

    Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay are the yachting centers of the island. There you will find charter companies like Jus' Sail and Moorings Inc.

    INNER COUNCILmoorings inc has facilities in St. Lucia and Grenada so you can charter a boat on one island and land on the other.

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    Enjoy 360 degree views from the top of the hill.

    Immerse yourself in the history of Saint Lucia by visiting the Isla de las Palomas National Park. Connected to the mainland by a bridge, this 44-acre park features military ruins, beaches, and a hilltop lookout, Fort Rodney. There is a magnificent 360-degree view of the fortress, and royal relics of military battles are kept in a small museum. When France and Britain vied for control of Saint Lucia, which they did for centuries, the park was used as a military base and observation point. It also played a role during World War II when Fort Rodney was converted into a US signal station. Today it is a landmark where travelers can picnic, swim on pristine beaches, and learn about the island from through informative posters distributed everywhere.

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    Encuentro Beach Bliss en Golden Sands

    Walking along the beaches is, of course, one of the best things to do in Saint Lucia. The island is blessed with waterways that could inspire a thousand Instagram stories, many of which are golden. Even better, the beaches of Saint Luciaare public, including those located in tourist complexes.

    Lay a towel on the sand at Reduit Beach (the most popular beach on the island), Anse de Pitons (an amazingly localized beach with white sand imported from Guyana), Anse Cochon (a snorkelling gold mine), Anse de Sables ( popular with kitesurfers) . surfers and windsurfers) or Labas Beach, a picturesque stretch of sand jutting out into Marigot Bay.

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